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Ep 162. Yaël Zarca: Spreading Light and Positivity

Ep 162. Yaël Zarca: Spreading Light and Positivity

Yaël is an international Oriental dance artist living in Paris. She has a very personal and refined style combining tradition and modernity. She is regularly invited to perform and teach abroad (Japan, USA, Canada, China, Europe…) due to her skills as a teacher and the high level of her artistic work. Yaël conveys her passion with generosity and enthusiasm. She focuses on listening carefully to the music and interpreting emotions, while displaying an impeccable technique and creating a wide variety of choreographies. She teaches all Egyptian styles, from a soft and introverted Tarab to an energetic and catchy Shaabi. For her, dance classes are more than teaching an original choreography. She also strives to make her students understand the culture behind Oriental dance, and to convey the ‘soul’ of this dance. In this episode you will learn about:- Developing a dance career at local gigs- Yael’s first international workshops- Dealing with self-criticism while watching your own performance videos- How to find your individual style- Teaching and adapting to an online spaceShow Notes to this episode:Find Yaël Zarca on Instagram, FB, YouTube and website.Follow Iana on Instagram, FB, and Youtube . Check out her teaching platform: the Iana Dance Club.Podcast: www.ianadance.com/podcast

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