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Ep 161. Miasia: Life Before, During & After TV Show Al Rakesa

Ep 161. Miasia: Life Before, During & After TV Show Al Rakesa

Miasia is a dedicated performer, teacher, trainer and workshop instructor with 25 years of cabaret and folkloric Middle Eastern Dance experience. As a performer, she has captivated audiences all over the US and around the world, including Turkey and Egypt, where she was featured on the renowned Egyptian TV show Al Rakesa. Miasia has been a performer at numerous special events, including national conferences like True Spirit. She has graced concert halls, nightclubs, restaurants and stages all over the globe, including the SF Pride Women’s stage where she was presented a prize for her award-winning shimmies. In this episode you will learn about:- Lessons that Miasia learned from her teachers and students- How she got involved in the TV show Al Rakesa- The most memorable moments of the show- Getting ready and taping each episode of Al Rakesa- Dance realizations and dreams after the show was overShow Notes to this episode:Find Miasia on Instagram, FB, YouTube and website.Follow Iana on Instagram, FB, and Youtube . Check out her teaching platform: the Iana Dance Club.Podcast: www.ianadance.com/podcast

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