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Ep 159. Aszmara: Dance Gives Us Inner Strength

Ep 159. Aszmara: Dance Gives Us Inner Strength

Aszmara goes beyond movements and steps to unleash your soul’s music. Her insight into movement, music and connecting emotions with dance marks her as an unforgettable teacher and performer. “Dance is Emotion in Motion” exactly describes Aszmara. For over 40 years, Aszmara has been inspiring dancers as a teacher and performer with international tours, workshops and seminars across USA & Europe. As a master teacher, her deep love for dance shines through to everyone she teaches, from beginners to professionals, leading them to find their own expressive passion in dance. In the 80’s and 90’s she was co-director of two dance companies: the award winning Middle Eastern dance company Oriental Images and the ground breaking SaZ Dance Theater, creating theme concert events, folkloric and innovative dance. Aszmara’s articles have appeared in The Gilded Serpent, Bhuz and Bennu magazines and her instructional DVD, ‘Belly Dance… The Secret Desire’, has received high recognition.In this episode you will learn about:- Musicality in dance, and letting go your thought process on stage  - Dance as a healing and self-exploration tool  - Exercises to develop your improvisation skills  - What music formations are.  - Why Aszmara never considered herself a Turkish style dancer.Show Notes to this episode:Find Aszmara on Instagram, FB, and website..Follow Iana on Instagram, FB, and Youtube . Check out her teaching platform: the Iana Dance Club.Podcast: www.ianadance.com/podcast

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