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Ep 154. Athena Najat: Dance Traditions in Greece and Turkey

Ep 154. Athena Najat: Dance Traditions in Greece and Turkey

Born in the USA and trained by master teachers in New York City, Egypt, Lebanon, and Turkey, Athena Najat has traveled the globe dancing. Athena’s dance background began in childhood with years of dedicated training in Classical Ballet and Modern Dance. She graduated with a Dance major from the famous Performing Arts High School Walnut Hill. Her education continued with special training at Laban Centre London and at New York University, from which she holds both a Bachelor (BA) and a Master of Arts (MA) degree in Dance & Culture. She lived for nearly a decade in Athens, Greece, where she co-organizes a successful annual International Bellydance and music event, Habibi Tsiggana Festival. Athena is also a founding member of Kazafy Troupe Greece. Athena is currently based in Turkey. In this episode you will learn about:- The influence of a professional dance education and ballet training on Athena’s belly dance journey- The Belly dance scene in Greece- Tsifteteli dance in Greece and Turkey- Her Decision to move to Turkey- Hiring a belly dancer to perform online at a private gig.Show Notes to this episode:Find Athena Najat on Instagram, FB, website and Youtube. Follow Iana on Instagram, FB, Youtube, website .Podcast: www.ianadance.com/podcast

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