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HIPAA Compliance with Danielle Mckinley, The HIPAA Chick

HIPAA Compliance with Danielle Mckinley, The HIPAA Chick

HIPAA compliance is one of those things that those of us with dental practices would simply like to delegate to our office managers and forget about. Even if you think you’re HIPAA compliant, the regulations change so frequently that it’s hard to stay on top of it. Often it’s only when there is a breach or a violation that we truly discover just how compliant we are not. Today we are joined by Danielle Mckinley, the Director of Partnerships at PCIHIPAA who is also known as The HIPAA Chick. Listening in you’ll find out what you can do to protect yourself from breaches and penalties, why you should take a risk assessment, how you can properly train your staff in a practical cost-effective manner, why it’s also so important to be PCI compliant, and how the number one insurance policy you’re most likely to use may also be the one you have completely overlooked. Tune in to hear this incredibly insightful and surprisingly fun conversation on all things HIPAA!

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