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020 - Technology & Tradition

020 - Technology & Tradition

Much like the last episode with Ryan, today we sit down with Kenny and discuss his background in tech, his passion for data-logging, and how he sees those primary functions play out and the value they hold in both Bourbon Pursuit and Pursuit Spirits.  We hit on: The Pursuit Road Trip is on! Check out our social feeds or website for our stop locations. What does a week in the life of Kenny look like? How did your love for tech and data become so important to how you operate? Do you ever think your data-driven nature takes away from the in-person experience? Do you think data and technology are moving faster than your understanding of it? Do you find yourself having to try and keep up with where things are headed? Meta, cryptocurrency, etc… how do you see this converging with the traditions we’ve long had in the spirit industry?  What other sort of things do you find valuable? What do you appreciate about working with Ryan on this brand? and much more. For questions or topic requests on upcoming episodes, email us at podcast@pursuitspirits.com.

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