Glimpses of Grace Truthcast

"Because It Matters" (Pastor Chuck -Original Music 2015+)

"For 12 years I thought I was destined to be a Country Music star -I thought Country Music mattered. I was gonna impress the world with my songwriting abilities, drink, smoke dope, and pick up pay checks from the mailbox. In 1997 I learned that one Gospel song that blesses one of The Lord's people one time -is more valuable than every Country song ever written. Jesus Christ gave His blood for His people; it's my honor & duty to write for Him -& for them: Because It Matters."

Episodes: 3


"Just Needed Jesus" (2021)

Duration: 4 min

"Beautiful" (2020)

Duration: 3 min

"All About Love" (2015)

Duration: 4 min

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