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Beauty Of The Nile Podcast - Jasmine Mobley with guest Dr. DiAnne Davis. Epi. 6

Beauty Of The Nile Podcast - Jasmine Mobley with guest  Dr. DiAnne Davis. Epi. 6

In Episode #6 of the Beauty Of The Nile Podcast, host Jasmine Mobley sits down with Cosmetic Dermatologist, Dr. DiAnne Davis.   From Dr. Davis we learn:How what we put on our skin can impact our skin health & the importance of education around products we use on our skin Advanced technologies she uses in her dermatology practice to deliver desired skin results and how they can solve major skin concerns of women of colorBest solutions to acne scarring Pros and cons of traditional skin treatments vs. advanced technology skin treatments in addressing major skin concernsHow her career as an NFL cheerleader helped her on her journey to Cosmetic DermatologySurprising skin conditions that frequently impact women of color and what you can do to prevent them Why women of color need to be wearing SPF, and different types you can add into your routineKey products in her trusted skincare regimen Why having oily skin does NOT mean you don’t need to moisturize Surprising things you may be doing to cause acne breakouts and hyperpigmentationLessons on life, perseverance, mindset and positive thinking What Being a part of the Beauty Of The Nile community means to her…And more!Join the Community:https://BeautyOfTheNile.comhttps://www.instagram.com/beautyofthenile/https://twitter.com/beautyotnile  Beauty Of The Nile Podcast with Host Jasmine Mobley, Featuring: Cosmetic Dermatologist, Dr. DiAnne Davis. Episode 6.

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