Sao and Hez - BEAT*SOCIETY Podcast Episode 41

Sao and Hez - BEAT*SOCIETY Podcast Episode 41

As darkness falls upon the Halloween season, Sao and Hez sit down to give all you part people the 41st installment of BEAT*SOCIETY Podcast. This week the guys sit down and talk about not being the smartest person in the room, we inform you guys of the influence of Danny Brown on today's weirdos, we review the Wu Tang show on Hulu and talk about the global impact of WuTang,  we rarely do hot topics, but we couldn't resist diving into this Kanye West new gospel album and what that means for his future, and talk about propaganda and the militarization of the American police force and the indoctrination of the American public into patriotic, and if something ails you just put marijuana on it, it's the new Tussin. This week's podcast is scored by @pheemmusic   "Power to the artist, Death to the machine. Culture over Vultures" . . . . . #sao #hezekiah #beatsocietypodcast #beatsociety #dannybrown #wutang #wutangthesagacontinues #yeezus #kanyewest #jesusisking #kirkfranklin #kirkfranklinofhiphop #beatbattle #hiphopproducer #mpc2000 #mpc60 #tussin #chrisrock #organicweed 

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