Sao and Hez - BEAT*SOCIETY Podcast Episode 40

Sao and Hez - BEAT*SOCIETY Podcast Episode 40

Welcome, welcome, welcome back party people to BEAT*SOCIETY Podcast Episode 40 with Hez and Sao. This week as always you guys get to listen in on us contemplate the mysteries of the universe. LOL! Seriously, This week we explore a new concept "Womb Bombing", explore the rise of stripper culture in hip hop and mainstream culture, try to figure out what's going on with expensive ATM fees, look into Styrofoam and plastics connection to the oil industry, try to figure out if the sun rising and setting affects anxiety about the future?, look into the growing video gaming revolution, build upon the non singing singer, and are beat battles changing the way young producers make music?  This week's podcast is scored by @versgbos . . . . . #beatsociety #beatsocietypodcast #boombap #hiphop #bangers #hiphopproduction #hezekiah #sao #MPC60 #maschine #MPC3000 #SP1200 #powertotheartist @deathtothemachine #beatbattles #battleproducers

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