Sabrina LeMiel

EPISODE 7 | The Little Girl Meets The Golden Woman

EPISODE 7 | The Little Girl Meets The Golden Woman

Is there anything more precious than sing for the people we love? Is there anything more bright than a woman who's deeply trying to explore herself? My last days in California made me realize how much our lives can be full of blessings when we let our inner light shine in the world with no shame. This is just the beginning of my personal journey, from the little girl I used to be in Italy, to the Golden Woman I've started becoming in California. Los Angeles was for me a new universe, in which my mind has found the space to start new creative processes, full of musical notes, colors, and imagination. Behind the masks that we use to wear when we remain in our comfort zone, we all are diamonds in the rough, waiting to become the pure light hidden in our heart.

Duration: 21 min

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