Sabrina LeMiel

EPISODE 6 | The Blue Meets The Light

EPISODE 6 | The Blue Meets The Light

Inspired by the sound of the ocean, we can find our lost creativity. When did we lose our childhood imagination? I remember that when I was younger I spent a lot of time writing dreamlike stories, creating oniric novels, and thanks to that memory I have found the strength to start writing again, songs this time. When you feel free to create and dedicate time and energy to your imagination, you are embracing and bringing out one of your greatest power. Too many times I let the frustration take me down, but the phase of creation can't be rushed. We need to be gentle with ourselves and keep practice every day what we love. PRACTICE, PRACTICE, PRACTICE, and have faith that your final result, a painting, a song, will be at its best version at the right time. LOSE CONTROL. This is actually the best thing we can do to shine. Let go of control and be ourselves at the maximum of our potential. Life is a journey to become kids again, when we didn't feel any limit, but we were just the honest version of ourselves, without caring about other people's judgment. When you let go of your self-judgment, you switch to self-acceptance and self-love, and you become light.

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