Sabrina LeMiel

EPISODE 5 | The Jungle Meets The Trampoline

EPISODE 5 | The Jungle Meets The Trampoline

Finding beauty in the little things is what nourishes my soul. It makes me appreciate the days in which the fog seems to tarnish the confidence in myself. In those days I try to match the same vibrations of the little things in which I recognize the beauty, that I cannot see in myself instead. I use them as a mirror, and match their higher positive frequencies. When you feel poisoned by your self-doubts, the medicine is losing yourself in a melodic jungle or dance barefoot in a giant flower dress. Collect inspiring quotes in a notebook, romantic poems, vintage melodic vinyl, or dreamy moments. Drink a cocktail from an oyster, make a time travel in your grandmother’s closet and create a space in your house as your healing temple. Everything can be used as a power source and appears to your eyes in a more playful way, if you change the perspective in which you look at it. No matter where you are. Be able to enjoy the world around you by being present. Rediscover the importance of practicing a child-like playfulness, as that simple act, can transform the darkest day into gratitude. That’s how I turned one of my dark days into light, practicing playfulness, jumping on an unexpected green trampoline at the sunset, in a magic California bay.

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