Sabrina LeMiel

EPISODE 4 | The Witch Meets The Death Valley

EPISODE 4 | The Witch Meets The Death Valley

Zabriskie Point and I have had a romantic love affair since my childhood from watching the movie Zabriskie Point by Michelangelo Antonioni. So of course, one of my most desired travel destination upon my arrival in Southern California was the Death Valley - Zabriskie Point. Funny enough, no one in California knew about this place and Death Valley was not the ideal destination for them. But I knew I had to inspire these Californians, my friends who are actually witches like me, to venture out of their comfort zones and see the beauty of Zabriskie Point. The adventure began with a road trip into the dusty yet tranquil ambiance of the Death Valley. A place where magic can be created by three witches bonding and sharing life stories. In this peaceful setting, without a trace of civilization, we brewed some mystical magic potions and invoked wisdom of our sorcery to purify each other. If magic is something you believe in and create, we with purpose intended our mission. A witch and her manifestation abilities with pure intentions can heal and create magical spells.

Duration: 24 min

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