Sabrina LeMiel

EPISODE 3 | The Turtle Meets The Ocean

EPISODE 3 | The Turtle Meets The Ocean

You are your only limit. I hold the key to create my life’s path and make authentic choices. The turtle and its relationship with the ocean help me reflect the way I perceive balance and setting boundaries for myself. With this newfound journey into knowing myself, I must hold a protective space to allow my growth to flourish. By observing the wisdom of a turtle, I am able to mirror its ability to go inward and be protected or swim in the water with grace and strength. I am learning that I too need time to retreat in solitude and practice self-love, as much as I need to be courageous and bold to ride the waves of life like a confident surfer. The sun, ocean and my love for surfing have become my place of meditation, contemplation and a sanctuary. I am most at home by the ocean where I can hear my inner voice.

Duration: 21 min

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