Sabrina LeMiel

EPISODE 2 | The Lobster Meets The Desert

EPISODE 2 | The Lobster Meets The Desert

The lobster meets the desert and finds persistence, growth and sanctuary. Make yourself comfortable in your precious shell says the lobster, and give birth to your deepest desires with no fear and no surrender. Watching an orange dawn in the dry desert, the lobster realizes she's on the right path, and all the doubts belong to the past. Yes, a lobster in the desert you ask and how is that even possible? I was blessed to receive an animal medicine tarot reading and this was my hidden message. It was a sign. I am reflected as a lobster. Do you believe in signs? Are you fully present in your daily life to have the awareness to identify these signs? I believe we are gifted with hidden messages daily. If we are fully present, we are in a vulnerable place of openness to receive clues to our lives. In my next journey, I embark on a road trip to the desert of the Joshua Tree National Park - a mystical place where magic, stillness and beauty bestowed me. Nature not only gives us the power of life, but has a nurturing way of guiding us to our flow if we only listen.

Duration: 27 min

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