Barton's Breakdown

Barton's Breakdown:Welcome to the best NBA podcast on the airwaves. Discussing all things NBA, with a special emphasis on the ONLY team that truly matters, the Utah Jazz.

Podcast by Barton's Breakdown

Podcast by Barton's Breakdown

Episodes: 10


Episode 12- Playoff Push

Duration: 32 min

Episode 10- Jazz Streaking Towards Playoffs

Duration: 20 min

Episode 9- New Year (hopefully) New Jazz?

Duration: 24 min

Episode 8-End of Year Recap

Duration: 33 min

Episode 7-Donovan Mitchell Takeover Tour

Duration: 46 min

Episode 6? Episode 7? Who knows...

Duration: 28 min

Episode 5-Trade Rumors

Duration: 29 min

Barton's Breakdown 4

Duration: 47 min

Barton's Breakdown Episode 3 - 10:6:17, 4.57 PM

Duration: 48 min

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