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The Best Movies of 2017

The Best Movies of 2017

2017 was a great year for film and here's hoping 2018 is even better! You can probably tell but I was a bit sick while recording this episode, so my apologies for how annoying my voice sounds. The intro and outro song is called "Magic Sky" and it comes from the band Chasing Dreams. Thank you all for listening to this podcast, for supporting me, and encouraging me throughout the last year. I know my platform is small, but I really do think we're creating something special here. Let's continue cultivating that in the coming year. Cheers, everyone! Be sure to follow the podcast on Twitter - @barabbaspodcast You can follow my personal Twitter account - @gabekelleysays And if you haven't already, would you consider heading to iTunes and leaving a review for the show? That is so incredibly helpful.

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