Ballers with Babies

I'm Mark Willard and I'm excited to bring you the

I'm Mark Willard and I'm excited to bring you the "Ballers with Babies" podcast, where I interview the top names in sports about the intersection of sports with family & parenting life. I’m thrilled to have the opportunity to go a little deeper and humanize these stars of sport. With each guest, we’ll get to hear where they came from, how they achieved success, and how they blended that with their family life at home. We’re all tired of canned answer interviews. I promise that each episode will give you something you've never heard before.

Episodes: 55


Tim Flannery, Former MLB Player and Coach

Duration: 39 min

T. J. Houshmandzadeh, Former NFL Wide Receiver

Duration: 43 min

Clayton and Ashley Richard, MLB Husband and Wife

Duration: 41 min

JT O'Sullivan, Former NFL Quarterback

Duration: 43 min

Gabe Polsky, Director, Writer, and Producer

Duration: 31 min

Will Blackmon, Former NFL Defensive Back

Duration: 40 min

Norm Chow, Former NFL and NCAA Football Coach

Duration: 36 min

Leigh Steinberg, Sports Agent

Duration: 38 min

Joe Thomas, Former Offensive Tackle

Duration: 36 min

A.Q. Shipley, Arizona Cardinals Center

Duration: 39 min

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