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65. Baking it Down - Overwhelming Goals

65. Baking it Down - Overwhelming Goals

😳 Marketing Overwhelm.😖 Feeling like you're drowning in marketing tips and tricks? Here's a three-step life jacket.Hey - the Baking it Down Podcast has 65 episodes - most of those episodes chock full of Corrie's annoying elephant noises, Phoebe scrambling to run out the door, and a handful of marketing ideas in each episode. On top of that - if you're in the SCM group, you're seeing about 50+ posts a day. Sprinkle in other Facebook groups, resources, and podcasts on marketing and sales - and yeah, we're reaching "marketing level overload" and fast. It's easy to read headlines, podcasts, and emails with the "5 things you have to do to grow on Instagram" or "If you're not churnin' out Reels, what are you even doing with your life?!" and think you're standing still while every other baker around you is moving at marketing lightning speed. 😳 What it feels like is that you're standing still while business opportunities whiz by. That paralysis can make you feel like you're not doin' it right - or not doing enough - or not really doing anything at all. 😩 And it can be depressing to think you're not fast enough to get out your D-A-D DIY kits or jump on the profitable "bronut" train or... oh yeah, weren't you supposed to start teaching decorating classes, do that last cookie collab, add a pre-sale option to that website you haven't build yet? 😵The list goes on - and your marketing feels like it isn't. 😓 Sheeeesh. Talk about overwhelming. But guess what - ✈ none of us here are Marketing Mavericks, and we're not on the flight deck of social media takin' off at supersonic speed (had to get my Tom Cruise reference in). The key it marketing success is this: 🕵️ ONLY focus on the marketing information that supports your goals. Yes - I'm literally telling you to tune us out. If you want more tips on how to tune Corrie out, let me know - I have many methods.But seriously. If you're focused on business finances, ❌ skip the Gingerbread Live. If you're focused on Fourth of July pre-sales, ❌ skip the YNAB-finance Live (on June 9th at 1:30 btw). If you're heck bent on moving, snag last week's podcast (Movin' and Shakin') and use the one on Cookie Classes as background noise you don't intend to take notes on, then turn off the group's notifications until that last box is unpacked. 🚫 Overwhelm is an indication of unfocused goals. 🚫If you don't know where you wanna head, heading everywhere will get you nowhere fast. Figuring out what your goals are is the first step in determining what needs listening to and what needs tuning out. And in the fast-paced world of marketing - the "tuning out" will be a lot.In this week's podcast, we cover three tips to stop overwhelm. You can listen on your favorite players - Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Alexa, Audible and more. Click here to get a handle on overwhelming marketing mayhem. Got any more ideas to help with overwhelm in the business of business? Feel free to start a thread in the Sugar Cookie Marketing (Group). 

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