Finding Peace in your Process

Finding Peace in your Process

Are you currently not where you think you want to be? (Read that again)! Where you’re at is a reflection of your current ability and decisions.  We all feel that we’re smarter than the next person - that we know more and can do more - but are we just unlucky or perhaps we haven’t had the same opportunities. That's a good fairytale. To change trajectory, you will decide to be one of two types of people; those who decide to never breakthrough, and those who say “here is where I’m at, here are my deficiencies, and here is what I need to change to get where I want to go.” So which will you choose to be today? Embracing change and the unknown is the gateway to all the answers we need as business owners to access all the things we want to achieve. When this idea becomes part of who you are, you strangely might find that you become a person who finds peace in evolution and beauty in the consistent execution of fundamentals. In this podcast dive into how you can fall in love with the frustrations of mastering the fundamentals, and why those who practice this eventually make the complex look easy.   Join the Backable community Below  Member’s FB Group: Linkedin: Podcast: Backable IG: Tim’s IG: YouTube: Website:

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