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Episode 87: Ep #87: Using Color Therapy for Healing

Episode 87: Ep #87: Using Color Therapy for Healing

The sense of sight can be a powerful tool for healing. By surrounding yourself with colors that balance your dosha, as well as various creative ways to bring these colors into your life, this subtle sense therapy can support all of your efforts to balance your dosha and your health. In this episode I teach the doshic impact of color and what it can do for your mind, emotions and physical health. Leave this episode with practical ways to implement the use of color in your healing experience. If you are ready to study Ayurveda on a daily basis and take it into your life with more consistency, join the 28 Day Ayurveda Immersion beginning at the start of each month. https://www.ayurvedalifeschool.com/ayurvedaimmersionJoin me online:https://www.ayurvedalifeschool.comFacebook:Ayurveda Life SchoolInstagram:@ayurvedalifeschoolNamaste.

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