Luis R. Diaz

TikTok Secrets with Adam Pecoraro

TikTok Secrets with Adam Pecoraro

Join Luis Diaz with Adam Pecoraro as they talk about TikTok secrets. He’s an expert in the fitness space, with 33.1K followers on his TikTok account, with each his videos getting thousands of views. They get into the different strategies to grow your business through TikTok, his day-to-day schedule on the platform, providing value for your audience, understanding your viewers, and having a lot of fun in the process. Join the Daily Growth Tip Email List by Texting "podcasting" to 16464959867 In this episode you’ll learn: - What kinds of content work in the platform (consistency) and what topics take off - Which types of people should be on TikTok - Utilizing the different features to your advantage and how to get into selling - The value of going live and keeping your audience engaged in and out of TikTok - Tips in selecting music, looking into your niche, and dealing with trolls (Follow Adam on Instagram) (Follow Adam on TikTok) ~ Connect with Luis: (Facebook) (Website) This podcast uses the following third-party services for analysis: Podcorn - Chartable -

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