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How To Optimize Your Sleep with Mollie McGlocklin

How To Optimize Your Sleep with Mollie McGlocklin

Has COVID taken a toll on your sleep? You’re not alone, being at home all day has drastically changed sleeping schedules for a lot of people. In today’s episode, Mollie Mcglocklin is going to teach you how to enhance your sleep within the next 24 hours. Mollie takes us through a checklist of tasks that you should complete before and during your sleep. Tune in now to learn every tip for optimal sleep.  *Get all my best tools, templates, guides HERE*  - (  * Partner with me here* - (  *JOIN THE FACEBOOK GROUP!* - ( In This Episode: Why aligning with the rhythms of nature will help you stay on track with your sleeping schedule Why light and temperature changes are important for preparing your body for sleep Why you should NEVER eat after sunset  How drinking around 5 PM rather than late night will allow you to sleep better Connect with Molly: (Instagram) (Podcast) (Website ) Connect with Luis: (Website) (Instagram) (Facebook Group) (Facebook) This podcast uses the following third-party services for analysis: Podcorn - Chartable -

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