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063 - Being productive, & working with others

063 - Being productive, & working with others

The task of making an Audio Drama is a big one. From the story outlining and scriptwriting, to the casting, and production, these things are all going to demand a lot of your time and attention. Working in a team can help spread the workload, but this will bring new issues. In this episode we give our thoughts and opinions on going down either route, and how to be more efficient in the process.If you work alone (writing and producing your show) then how can you be more productive, get through your to-do list, and still have free time left over to enjoy your life?If you work with others – and that includes working with your cast, which most Audio Drama creators do – then how do you manage the project and the correspondence with your team?We’ll be covering things like setting schedules and goals. Establishing how much time a project will take, and blocking out that time to get it done. And establishing clear channels of communication to make sure nothing is missed, lost, or overlooked.We mention some handy tools like Allthings, Slack, and Evernote too. These can really help you to manage your workload, your project, and clear out the clutter.

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