STORYTIME: Learning to LET GO, when a man isn’t for you.

STORYTIME: Learning to LET GO, when a man isn’t for you.

Hii My loves. It’s been too long, solidly, slowly but surely making my way back into having new episodes. This episode, is a very interesting one, it is MY FIRST EVER STORYTIME, and it is a lengthy talk on a recent personal experience regarding, knowing when to let go and refusing to be treated in any way short of the best. As Feminine Women, we are often faced with a hard decision of either settling or being alone, now this episode will put what you should do into perspective for you and will make coming to a decision easier. Note my Feminine Angels, there is absolutely nothing wrong in being ALONE, being ALONE is more of a gift than a curse, it helps curate the best versions of ourselves, whilst giving us the ability to move on peacefully from things that aren’t for us. You will love this episode, so please grab some popcorn or whatever your relaxation activity of choice is. LISTEN and enjoy. Do you have a Personal Story you will love and want to share? You can do so by leaving me a voice message via this link:- for the possibility of it being featured on my next episode. OR you can send me an email at with your story(with or without your name) OR you can follow me on my SocialMedia IG-Tiktok-Snapchat-Twitter @angieclone. I will be posting New Episodes Every Friday, going forward. You can also send me TOPICS you will like me to shine a light on. Please stay safe. Sending you Peace, Light and Love.❤️ Share this video amongst your loved ones struggling with these issues as well. Thank you. --- This episode is sponsored by · Anchor: The easiest way to make a podcast. --- Send in a voice message:

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