Developing Emotional Strength 101

Developing Emotional Strength 101

Hi My Loves. It has been a while since I put out a Podcast Episode, I deeply apologize but I am back now and won’t be going anywhere. Thank you for all your love and listenership, it means the world to me.. Our Podcast is taking a new dimension, this is why I have been away, observing and understanding the new direction of topics we will bd listening to, in this episode and in the future ones to come, we are looking at having emotional strength, as the quality of life we attract and elevate to, really depends on how we can weather our emotional storms, understanding the root cause, developing it and accepting it as a part of us that is beautiful not a part that should be shut out, we will achieve this through facing head on our dark sides, shadow selves through kind acceptance of all that we are and will be, we will be looking at every other day documented emotional feelings, using my emotional state as a reference point for us all to tap, grow and evolve from. This is no easy task as we are often subject to judgment from others who would rather not be true to themselves, but we are choosing growth and strength over anything else, We are amazing beings, we are supposed to feel, it is okay to feel things and I am creating these episodes to make this is a safe place to feel and express these feelings without the fear of being cast out or laughed at. Please give it a listen, share with your friends and Family. Also you can write me or email me directly if you have any questions or you can contact me on my social media platforms IG and Snapchat ~ @angieclone. I will be looking forward to reading or listening to your feedback. I love you. Enjoy.❤️❤️ --- This episode is sponsored by · Anchor: The easiest way to make a podcast. --- Send in a voice message:

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