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Joe Yerke of The Insyderz

Joe Yerke of The Insyderz

Chapter 169: "Every Church Will Buy The CD" read by Joe Yerke of The Insyderz The Insyderz bust onto a scene at the right time. Only it wasn't exactly the scene they hoped to be a part of. Joe took the time to talk about about being the kiss of death to record labels, the politics of navigating the Christian music scene, and post Insyderz life. The Insyderz have a few records on Bandcamp: Chapter 169 Music: The Insyderz - "Jigsaw" The Insyderz - "Trigger Happy" The Insyderz - "Call To Arms" The Insyderz - "Chosen Few" The Insyderz - "Our Darkest Hour" The Insyderz - "The Hunted" As The Story Grows links: ​ [Help out at Patreon][1] [ATSG Website][2] [ATSG Music and Merch][3] [Join the Email List][4] [ATSG Facebook][5] Email: ​ [1]: [2]: [3]: [4]: [5]: ​ ​

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