#02 Is this enough | Agatha Lee and Belicia Teo

#02 Is this enough | Agatha Lee and Belicia Teo

In today's rendition of the artscomm podcast series, we ask a simple question - "Is this enough?" Agatha, Belicia and Shah will be chatting about the green movement in the arts in Singapore, and whether the things we think we do actually make an impact on the environment. The closing track "Victoria" was composed by Ragha specially for this episode. Note from Ragha: "So when I produced / composed  this I was think of using sounds that are influenced by what I hear around me very often. And the melody struct when I was looking at Victoria Concert Hall one evening. And as soon as the rush to over buy stuffs from supermarkets began, I felt a little worried about consumerism and how much more we are going to produce by just being at home."

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