#01 Arts Practices & COVID-19

#01 Arts Practices & COVID-19

#01 – Arts Practices & COVID-19 On Wednesday, 1st April 2020 @ 3.00 p.m., a few arts practitioners met up digitally to share their own views and concerns about how CoVid-19 affected them. The session was co-hosted by Xyn (Bornfire Circus) and Shah (Researcher-Practitioner), and the following participants were:  Eugene Chow | Physical Theatre practitioner  Jonathan Goh | Street performer/Circus  Marcus Tan | ScRach MarcS  Nicholas Chee | Executive Producer, Sinema  Ragha | Indian Classical Flautist,  Renee Chua | Theatre practitioner  This video details the discussion. Please give a shout out to Syafiqah Adha and Kailin Yong for their beautiful pre and post messages and music.

Duration: 1 hr 36 min

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