Artists In Presidents

Artists In Presidents: Transmissions to Power

Returning in a new iteration for 2021,

Returning in a new iteration for 2021, "Artists-In-Presidents: Transmissions to Power” invites artists, public intellectuals, and writers to radically reimagine political power and possibility. Hockaday and the Blackwood (University of Toronto Mississauga) have commissioned an international assembly of 21 contributors to create audio addresses that position themselves as world leaders who speak directly to the people, describing their vision for the future and how we get there. “Artists-in-Presidents” is initiated by Constance Hockaday, curated by Christine Shaw, and commissioned by The Blackwood (University of Toronto Mississauga). Podcast production by Vocal Fry. Transmissions are released every Friday from August 6–December 17, 2021. To view the portrait gallery, access ASL videos and transcripts, and for additional information about the project, visit and

Episodes: 55


Transmission: Luis Jacob

Duration: 3 min

Transmission: Fariha Róisín

Duration: 7 min

Transmission: Kevin Gotkin

Duration: 8 min

Transmission: Romily Alice Walden

Duration: 3 min

Transmission: Macarena Gómez-Barris

Duration: 7 min

Transmission: Ravyn Wngz

Duration: 5 min

Transmission: Mkomose (Dr. Andrew Judge)

Duration: 6 min

Transmission: Françoise Vergès

Duration: 9 min

Coco Fusco

Duration: 6 min

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