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Episode 4 : November 2017 : DJ Haze - Early Hardcore Vinyl Set (1997)

Episode 4 : November 2017 : DJ Haze - Early Hardcore Vinyl Set (1997)

Welcome to the 4th episode of Artic Expressions! This episode is a special one. I found an old (early) Hardcore VINYL ONLY set mixed by me using my alias "Haze" in the late 90s. Check it out! I started DJing in the late 90s and when I started to experiment with hard techno music in 2001, Q-Dance gave me and my buddy the oppurtunity to play at one of the first Qlubtempo parties. This really was the birth period of Hardstyle. I want to tell my music history by playing some tracks from back in the days and some new stuff. Enjoy the music and share this with your friends! Tracklist: 01. Iloy Fantastik - The Lab (intro) 02. Manga Corps - War Dancer 03. Humble Bee - Light Speed 04. Wayward - Hardcore Hijacked Me 05. Sonicdriver vs Wicked E. - Excited 06. Darrien Kelly & Stunned Guys - promo vinyl 07. Scumbag - Scumbeats (R2 D2 Mix) 08. Dj Buzz Fuzz - The One Eyed Slut 09. Inferno Bros. - Slaves To The Rave (Stunned Guys Remix) 10. Placid K - Ride the Party (2nd Mix) 11. Dj Sim - When I Start To Kick It 12. Lenny Dee & The Hardcore Warriors - Funky Twisted 13. Dj Sim - 24k Solid Bass 14. Renata Ricciardi - Overkill 15. DJ Delirium & Guitar Rob - Speakermurder 16. Tri-pax - Raw (Ooh Baby) 17. DJ Buzz Fuzz - Jealousy 18. DJ Yves & Dj Maikel - Eat a dick 19. DJ 8Mix - Fingers 20. Noize Suppressor - HPF 21. Baba Nation - I Keep You On The Run 22. The Scrumbleheads - How It Sounds Connect:

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