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Bonus: Listen to "Wireframe"

Bonus: Listen to "Wireframe"

This episode is supported by Wireframe, a podcast all about creativity and design. It’s a show made for creative professionals: graphic designers, UX designers, illustrators, typographers, artists, and activists. It’s also for the design-curious, and anyone who appreciates the way creativity impacts the world around us. For example: There’s an episode all about Burger King’s new logo, and the role of nostalgia in design. Another episode this season talks about package design, and whether you should keep the box your iPhone came in. And for typographers, there’s an upcoming episode about Comic Sans -- why people love to hate it, and why personality in typeface matters. Wireframe is hosted by Khoi Vinh, Principal Designer at Adobe and one of Fast Company’s Most Creative People in Business. Search for Wireframe in your podcast app or connect via this link. My thanks to Wireframe for their support. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

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