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A Little Curious #7: A Reintroduction, and Cave Paintings

A Little Curious #7: A Reintroduction, and Cave Paintings

Surprise! We’re re-introducing our short-form series, “A Little Curious,” which will give you sweet snippets of bonus content on the “off” weeks between our normal episodes. In today’s episode, we’re jumping into cave paintings, often deemed the oldest of the old in art history--and while cave paintings sound, well, basic at the outset, we’re going to discover today why they are actually cool. Please SUBSCRIBE and REVIEW our show on Apple Podcasts and FOLLOW on Spotify Twitter / Instagram Don’t forget to show your support for our show by purchasing ArtCurious swag from TeePublic! SPONSORS: NordVPN: Use this link or coupon code “ARTCURIOUS” to get a 2-year plan plus additional month with a huge discount Woodstock Chimes: Use promo code “ARTCURIOUS” for a 15% discount on your order Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

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