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Each week on "Rock the Culture," Antwan Phillips, state Rep. Charles Blake and others provide perspective on life and culture for people in Little Rock. The team offers trenchant analysis and hilarious banter on local news, events and politics. Plus, they bring that same fun-loving but informed style to weekly interviews with people who are impacting the culture of Little Rock and elsewhere in Arkansas. #RocktheCulture

Episodes: 81


Sales Tax Status Update

Duration: 44 min

Nostalgia is the Enemy of the Vision

Duration: 41 min

State of the City

Duration: 25 min

Antwan On Antwan

Duration: 42 min


Duration: 36 min


Duration: 25 min

Hate Crime Registration???

Duration: 40 min

Ain't no Jalen in the Bible

Duration: 48 min

Reality (W)raps

Duration: 31 min

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