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We Should Not Be "Killing Them With Kindness"

We Should Not Be "Killing Them With Kindness"

Have you ever stopped to think about what common sayings are actually telling you if they're said without context? "Kill Them With Kindness" is something we've all said and we've all heard a million times before, and sure, we know that it means to not sink to someone else's level. BUT, have you ever thought about what it's saying and how it's perceived in the brain when context isn't provided? Think about the kids in your life for a second. It's safe to assume they don't have a clue what this saying implies, so they take it at face value and...Without context, you are basically saying that you have to be nice to people who aren't nice to you. It doesn't matter how horrible someone is treating you; you still have to be kind to them. You have to treat people well even if they treat you horribly. And this isn't true, nor should it ever be. You don't have to be mean but you definitely don't have to be kind to someone who disrespects, bullies, or degrades you. Here's what this episode covers:What "Kill Them With Kindness" Implies?How this saying is actually quite damaging and degrading to one's self without context.The damage this saying can do to kid's who don't understand what it actually means.Healthier alternatives that don't strip your own self respect, self love and self worthA personal story where I chose to kill a group of people with a bit of (sassy LOL) strength and resilienceResources from this episode:MENtal Health BoxAnxiety health and wellness boxesAnxiety spirit boxMassive presale**Use Code 'PODCAST20' for 20% off your first subscription box**LINKS & FREEBIESSign up for an anxiety subscription box HEREReceive a weekly mental health boost HEREJoin our Facebook Page HEREFollow Chantal from Anxiety Gone on Instagram HEREIndulge in free anxiety healing HERESUBSCRIBE & SAVESign up for an anxiety self care subscription box and receive:30% off every boxNew anxiety relief tools and techniquesSelf care products that are good for your mental healthAccess to our VIP Facebook group of exclusive discounts and opportunities2 months of FREE premium yogaMusic: https://www.purple-planet.comSupport the show (

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