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Finding The Root Cause of Your Anxiety

Finding The Root Cause of Your Anxiety

This makes you anxious or that causes you to have anxiety, but what is the root cause of your anxiety? There are a range of factors that can work together to cause anxiety. People with anxiety disorders often have a genetic predisposition towards them, and physical factors, such as an imbalance of hormones and chemical messengers in areas of the brain. But what is the main root cause? Finding out will provide you with emotional freedom and healing that will blow you away. Here's what this episode covers:6 main root causes of anxietyWhat is a root cause of anxiety and not?Benefits of identifying the root cause of anxietyMethods for finding your root cause of anxietyResources from this episode:Better Help online therapy7-Minute Meditation Anxiety health and wellness boxesAnxiety spirit boxLINKS & FREEBIESSign up for an anxiety subscription box HEREReceive a weekly mental health boost HEREJoin our Facebook Page HEREFollow Chantal from Anxiety Gone on Instagram HEREIndulge in free anxiety healing HEREGet the Student Stress Relief Program for 50% OFF HERESUBSCRIBE & SAVESign up for an anxiety self care subscription box and receive:30% off every boxNew anxiety relief tools and techniquesSelf care products that are good for your mental healthAccess to our VIP Facebook group of exclusive discounts and opportunities2 months of FREE premium yogaMusic: https://www.purple-planet.comSupport the show (

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