ep11: All About DevRel - A Talk with Jessica Rose, DevRel at

ep11: All About DevRel - A Talk with Jessica Rose, DevRel at

Hey listeners! Let me introduce you to an awesome guest, Jess! Jess and I got to know each other by a friend of ours who runs a community I belong to. As I was started to be interested in the work of DevRel, I got a chance to try out💪 But to be prepared well, it's always good to hear someone already works as a DevRel. That's how we met and turned our chat into an episode to share with others who have the same questions I do ;) In this episode, you'll hear me saying 5 things. - What is it like to work as DevRel? - What's the pros and cons to work as DevRel? - What is your mission as DevRel? - What exactly did you do in Open Code, a study meetup you founded and Trans-Code, the project you co-founded with Naomi Ceder? - Tell me more about the volunteer advocacy program for Mozilla and your role in there. Other sources in this episode are here :) - Lilac, my programming learning service: - Jessica Rose: - - BOM: - Open Code: - Trans*Code: - Pursuit Podcast: - Jess, website: - Naomi Ceder: - "The Quick Python Book, Third Edition" by Naomi Ceder: - Open Source Cafe:

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