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Listener Stories: Vol. 48

Listener Stories: Vol. 48

Happy Starch Season again! We're back with another bonus listeners episode and, wow, do we have a peeling you'll like this one... believe it or not, we actually did get potato themed stories as requested. We're also super excited to share a turkey adjacent combo of stories involving an armed tricyclist, the panting of a bunch of ghost poodles, and a ransom note found in the floorboards of an old house. Thank you to everyone who sent in stories to help us get into that November mood. Could you peel a potato for all of eternity? Only if we could take breaks to eat those delicious god-apples... and that's why we drink! Please consider supporting the companies that support us! Daily Harvest makes it easy to eat clean, undeniably delicious food, no matter what your day brings. Keep it simple with Daily Harvest! Go to DAILYHARVEST.com and enter promo code DRINK to get $25 off your first box! Right now, Embark has an exclusive offer on their Breed and Health Kit for our listeners this holiday season! Go to Embarkvet.com now to get the best deal of the year AND free shipping. Use Promo code DRINK to save $64 off your Embark Breed and Health Kit. Offer ends on 12/1.It’s simple: if you have a computer, Honey should be on it. It’s free and works with whatever browser you use. You can get Honey for free today at Joinhoney.com/DRINK.Get 10% off site-wide when you use promo code DRINK at truff.com. That’s 10% everything—including White TRUFF VIP box and TRUFF Variety Pack. Just in time for the holidays!

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