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008 - Pivoting a Successful Marketing Company w/ Jaime Nacach

008 - Pivoting a Successful Marketing Company w/ Jaime Nacach

On this episode of Analysis Paralysis, I am talking to Jaime Nacach. He runs a successful marketing company and fell in love with automation after using it inside of his existing company. Naturally, that has led to him building a side company solely built around automation and Jaime has been going through the process of transitioning into an automation-focused business solutions company.This episode hits very close to home with me as I recently went through somewhat of a similar transition in my own business. Advice was given around how to value and charge for this service offering, especially when your natural instinct is just to help and not charge your true value as the service is rooted in pure passion. Passion is incredibly helpful to have in any business you run, but it often results in not charging your worth as you often just want to help people and share your expertise with others. We talk about how to transition your mindset to that of value-based pricing all while still continuing to help businesses.Jaime's company has been partnered with Agile CRM, a lower-priced CRM focused as an all-in-one solution with a free tier to get new users in the door. A fairly common software as a service business model that makes a lot of sense for acquiring new market share in a crowded space such as CRM. We discuss if they should continue using Agile and take on the often "cost-conscious" client-base that free software tends to attract, or if they should consider moving to a more expensive and refined solution like Copper (formerly ProsperWorks) who have the VC backing and client-base that understands the value of CRM and automation. Both paths come with their own positives and negatives.Links from the show: LinkedIn (Jaime - Guest) Bloominari (Guest - Company) Virtual Latinos (Guest - Company) (Project Management)

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