Episode 24- Constantine Bayz (Confidence Building)

Episode 24- Constantine Bayz (Confidence Building)

Episode 24 is an exciting one because it features Constantine, who is a student that Josh has worked with for over a dozen years! Constantine is the real life Agamemnon from Josh's new book, The Confidence Project, a.k.a. the inspiration for chapter 7-- for those who have already read it! Constantine joined the Amplifying Optimism in Education podcast to talk with the team about how he uses the strategies and skills discussed in the book in his daily life. Now a freshman in College, Constantine has built his confidence and skills to allow him to not only tackle challenges, but to seek them out and even enjoy them as he takes control of his learning process! Listen now to hear the wisdom and insights of Constantine as he discusses how he manages his Challenge Cycle regularly to relish in the joy of being a lifelong learner! Constantine Bayz is a current freshman Biology major at California Polytechnic State University. Constantine grew up in Washington D.C., where he attended Gonzaga College High school, played soccer, wrestled, and most importantly, got to put into practice his developing mastery of self-confidence and love of learning. Having worked with Mr. Faden for over a decade has taught him the importance of a proper mentality towards the many challenges faced both inside and outside the classroom.

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