Episode 28: Corinne MacDonnell -- Times Microwave Systems

Episode 28: Corinne MacDonnell -- Times Microwave Systems

This episode of the Amphenol FRONTLINE podcast features Corinne MacDonnell, EH&S Manager for Times Microwave Systems, as she reviews last week's webinar on air ventilation and filtration.  We talk about the four main takeaways -- First, the concept that buildings are systems; the clear benefits of filtration; the importance of increasing air intake; and the additional supplements, such as UV protection, that can be used.  Please visit Amphenol Connections or the Frontline dashboard for more information -- as together we combat the coronavirus pandemic around the world. Hosted by Chris Cappello. Music by Square Seed. For Amphenol FRONTLINE podcast guest inquiries and suggestions: send an email to or send a LinkedIn message to

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