Episode 19: Zak Raley -- Amphenol RF, Optics and Broadband

Episode 19: Zak Raley -- Amphenol RF, Optics and Broadband

This episode features Zak Raley, Senior Vice President and Group General Manager of the Amphenol RF, Optics and Broadband Group. We talk about how a large portion of his business has been at the forefront of the drastic increase in usage of new communication tools around the world and how they've allowed him to interact with high-level contacts at customers like never before. We also discuss keeping his employees safe as they work in the field ensuring customers are designing in and using the interconnect products correctly. And we talk about some of the measures being taken as the offices slowly open up -- as together we combat the coronavirus pandemic around the world. Hosted by Chris Cappello. Music by Square Seed. For Amphenol FRONTLINE podcast guest inquiries and suggestions: send an email to or send a LinkedIn message to

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