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Among Women Podcast #55

Among Women Podcast #55

Today’s Topics:   “Blessed are They”:  St Catherine of Siena   “Among Women” Guest:  Janet Benestad, Secretariat for Faith Formation and Evangelization, Archdiocese of Boston.   Links for this episode:   AW  4 on St. Catherine – AW website (must use Quicktime) AW  4 on St. Catherine – on Blubrry. – new website from USCCB!   St. Catherine, The Dialogue, “On priests…”   Catholics Come Home   New World of Faith by Cardinal Avery Dulles   God is Near Us by Benedict XVI (Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger)   Take the Among Women Survey!   Introducing: the Among Women coffee mug at SQPNgear!   Contact Pat Gohn via or send voice feedback to 206-338-6077.

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