AHR - S02E17

AHR - S02E17

Welcome back to American Hammers Radio with Tex and Liam from the Fresno Irons as part of the American Hammers Network. We’re back in 4thafter a decisive win over Spurs, which saw fantastic goals from Antonio and Lingard. It’s great to see Antonio back on the scoresheet, but can we honestly ask the question that’s on everyone’s mind: How good is Lingard? Has he been the missing piece that this team needs to push into the upper echelon of the Prem? And how many points can we see ourselves pulling from this next stretch of games against Man City, Leeds, Man U and Arsenal? We’ll talk about all that and more on this episode of American Hammers Radio. Be sure to subscribe to American Hammers Radio for all of our exclusive content, hit us with a solid rating and give us your feedback on social media: Instagram – americanhammersradio Twitter – AHRWHU #AHR #AHTV #AHN #COYI #GSBOUT #WHUFC #WHTID #WHU #WestHamUnited #Hammers #AmericanHammers #AmericanHammersRadio

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