AHR - S02E09

AHR - S02E09

Welcome back to American Hammers Radio with Tex and Liam from the Fresno Irons as part of the American Hammers Network. The Hammers went back to their winning ways with an incredibly lucky goal at the start of stoppage time with Benrahma finding Soucek in the box. Until only moments later Benrahma fouls a Fulham player at the other end which gave us one of the worst penalty kicks of all time as Lookman tried for a cheeky chip that only found the waiting hands of Fabianski. We still sorely missed Antonio up top and Haller has shown that he still cannot find a way to gel with the rest of the team. Speaking of which, we have a fast approaching transfer window, where do we need the most reinforcements? We’ll talk about all that and more on this episode of American Hammers Radio. Be sure to subscribe to American Hammers Radio for all of our exclusive content, hit us with a solid rating and give us your feedback on social media: Instagram – americanhammersradio Twitter – AHRWHU #AHR #AHTV #AHN #COYI #GSBOUT #WHUFC #WHTID #WHU #WestHamUnited #Hammers #AmericanHammers #AmericanHammersRadio

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