Doug Stephan

11/27/19 - Learn Farm-to-Table Cooking

11/27/19 - Learn Farm-to-Table Cooking

Host and American Family Farmer, Doug Stephan begins this podcast with news about the recent National Rural Health Day. There's more news about the new round of Fed payments to farmers will go mainly to mega-farms. Family Farms will be mostly left out. Next, we meet Dawn Broeder of Farm Fusion Cooking Classes. Born and raised in Colorado, she spent he childhood living on a farm and was in charge of feeding the calves; maintaining their living areas; caring for the chickens; helping with the milking; care of horses; cattle round-ups; helping with cattle maintenance (de-horning; branding; castrating) After Culinary training/certificate at Escoffier in Boulder, she's back on the ranch, where she and her husband operate a barn teaching kitchen and teaches farm-to-table cooking. Finally, host Doug Stephan opines about why Opioid Drugs are such a huge problem on the Family Farm.

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