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07/31/19 - Why Monsanto is Suing Farmers

07/31/19 - Why Monsanto is Suing Farmers

Host and American Family Farmer Doug Stephan reviews the week's agriculture news, including a story about a Maryland farmer whose herbicide was spreading to neighboring land and why Monsanto is suing some farmers. Next, Doug introduces us to Steve Miller, with the Northeast Hop Alliance. The Northeast Hop Alliance works to promote hops as a specialty crop in the Northeast, and restoring hops as the profitable agricultural industry that once thrived in this area for nearly 150 years. The Alliance was organized in 2000, with sub-chapters and over 600 members in Maryland, New York, and New England. Membership includes hop growers, brewers, homebrewers, historian, educators, and hops supporters of all kinds. Finally, Family Farmer Doug opines about how this year's weather has spawned the Black Legged Tick. This new breed of Tick has become a problem with Livestock production.

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