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"Rogue Secretary of State" Jocelyn Benson

"Rogue Secretary of State" Jocelyn Benson

In 2018, Jocelyn Benson was elected as Secretary of State in Michigan. It was part of an historic sweep, where women were also elected to the Governorship and to the Attorney General’s office. Then the coronavirus hit, and Donald Trump went on the warpath, personally attacking Governor Whitmer as she fought to get her citizens access to needed medical equipment. He’s now also attacked Jocelyn, calling her a “rogue secretary of state” for her plan to make sure all Michigan voters can apply to get an absentee ballot this fall, keeping them safe from the coronavirus and ensuring everyone has a chance to vote. She joined us to talk about the monumental importance of voting rights in the age of Trump and COVID-19. --- Send in a voice message:

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