Alternative Wrestling Radio Episode 31

Alternative Wrestling Radio Episode 31

On Tuesday March 19th YOUR Host "Zombie" Matt will once again spread the gospel that is known as Alternative Wrestling Radio. In the 1st segment we will be joined by an up and comer on the indie scene,Phoenix Kidd. We'll talk about training and breaking in,hardcore wrestling,influences and so much more. It's taken "Zombie" 31 episodes to finally book an interview with "The Big Leaguer" Johnny Butabi and here it is. Hoodslam. FSP. Atwater. Mackism. This is going to be an interview for the ages. Make sure to join us LIVE at 7pm pacific/10pm eastern as "Zombie" Matt and AWR will once again attempt to gain downloads and the respect of the Indie Wrestling World!

Duration: 1 hr 37 min

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